The World’s Leading Pet Marketplaces

PetMediaGroup is the world’s largest operator of online marketplaces within the pet category.

Through our trusted and local brands, we help over 1.5 million pets to find a new loving home every year. Our ambition is to continue to provide trust, safety and convenience to both pets and their caregivers.

Our mission is to partner with and acquire the leading pet marketplaces across the world, and add value to breeders, consumers and animals alike through technology, marketing, operations and capital.

Our Brands


United Kingdom

The world’s second-largest online marketplace for pets. Founded in 2012.


The Netherlands

The largest dog marketplace in the Netherlands. Founded in 2014.



The leading Italian online marketplace for pets. Founded in 2003.



Spain’s largest vertical marketplace for cats and dogs. Founded in 2011.



The dominant vertical pet marketplace in Czechia. Founded in 1997.



The largest equestrian marketplace in Scandinavia. Founded in 1998.

Our Promise

Animal Welfare

Providing a pet-first way for pets to find a new loving home


Providing transparency of information with regards to the breeder, the buyer and the pet itself

Customer Satisfaction

Satisfied breeders, buyers and pets is always our North Star – guides every decision we take

Trust & Safety

Keeping the bad guys far away from using our platform


Removing the hassle often associated with finding a furry friend, by moving much of the process online


Being an innovator in our industry, by pushing the boundaries of how we can leverage technology

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