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The background

Pets4Homes was founded by the lovely couple Mark and Stacey, based in Blackburn in 2008. The site was founded as a hobby project by the two animal fanatics.

From a very early stage, both breeders and consumers took note of the founders’ high standards when it came to animal welfare – the two worked around the clock to try to ensure that only reputable and serious breeders had access.

By 2015, Pets4Homes had grown into the largest online destination for breeders and those looking for a furry friend.

In late 2019, PetMediaGroup acquired Pets4Homes from Mark and Stacey, with the promise that we would do everything in our power to continue their vision of becoming the safest place to a lifelong friendship between pets and their caregivers.

Our transformation

Old Pets4Homes Pets4Homes After

Improved Trust & Safety for both animals and their caregivers through safety features such as ID Verification, Safe Payments and KYC.

Strong focus on overall user experience – especially in the mobile arena (80% of users). Build native apps for both iOS and Android – both with 4.5+ star rating.

Engaged with the wider pet community – both through our Quarterly Industry Reports, and by partnering with other companies and charities sharing our values of animal welfare.

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