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The background

PuppyPlaats was founded by Erwin in 2013 as he wanted to provide an alternative and more safe place for dog lovers and breeders to meet.

Erwin worked alone on the site for more than 8 years – handling everything from site development to customer support. Despite not being an easy task, Erwin did a phenomenal job!

Over time, both breeders and consumers appreciated the various safety features that Erwin built to keep the platform safe from bad guys. It was slowly becoming what he envisioned PuppyPlaats to be.

In 2021, PetMediaGroup acquired Puppyplaats, which meant that our mission to turn it into the safest online dog marketplace in the Netherlands had begun!

Our transformation


Launched multiple safety functionalities in order to make the platform safer – IDV and created a dedicated Trust & Safety Team.

Built native apps for PuppyPlaats, and an improved search experience. Suddenly mobile users started growing significantly!

Since the Netherlands has quite loose regulations when it comes to animal welfare, we took a clear stance to make PuppyPlaats far more strict than the legal requirements in the country – pet safety is always our highest priority!

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